BLACKWOOD PLANT HIRE LTD. is committed to reduce the amount of emissions to air and also reduce waste to landfill. The company is committed to a programme of continual improvement and to best practicable environmental practice in all significant aspects of its activities, and specifically to the prevention of pollution and protecting the environment.

It is our intention during 2020 to measure our waste levels and for subsequent years put measures in place meet these commitments. We will also look at ways to reduce carbon, energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Continual improvement in environmental performance is central to the environmental philosophy of the Company as is compliance with EN ISO14001:2015 standards and legislative/regulatory requirements at both national and local levels.

A series of objectives and targets to minimise environmental impacts will be established and reviewed at management review meetings, the results of which will be communicated to interested parties as appropriate.

Special attention will be given to purchase, utilisation, maintenance and end of life disposal of plant and equipment operated by Blackwood Plant Hire Ltd. An appropriate management programme ensures that all practicable steps are taken to realise these objectives and targets.

Any Environmental Aspects and Impacts, which are evaluated, as being significant are recorded on our Aspects/Impacts Register held at head office. BPH Environmental Aspects and Impacts will be subject to review annually or; in the event of an environmental event occurring or being made known to us.

We will provide suitable and sufficient environmental training to our staff and employees in order that the aspects listed above are able to be dealt with locally and before they have a negative impact on the environment. We will seek to maintain a positive environmentally aware culture throughout the organisation

The communication of information is available, via the policy, to staff, supply chain, customers and other stakeholders. Communication activities extend to making this policy statement and performance details with reference to objectives and targets, publicly available on request.

This policy statement will be regularly reviewed and updated as necessary. The management endorses this policy statement and is fully committed to its implementation

Signed: Paul McCormack
Managing Director
Dated: 05 April 2020

Authorised By: R McMillan

April 2020