Blackwood Plant Hire Ltd is an environmentally aware Company and we expect our employees and clients to contribute where possible to protect the environment.

This can be achieved by following the simple rules shown below:
• Return any unused items from sites to the stores.
• Redundant fluorescent tubes and toner cartridges are to be returned to store for disposal.
• Turn lights, heaters and monitors off at night.
• Ensure waste is separated and disposed of in designated receptacles/skips.
• When printing, do not waste paper, try and use both sides
• Preserve water by turning off taps when not needed or in use. Report leaking taps to line management, harvest rain water for use at wash downs etc.
• Never leave vehicles idling for any extended time. When vehicle/plant are not in use then switch off the ignition. Drive vehicles in such a way as to preserve fuel and therefore reduce carbon emissions. Report engine/exhaust defects immediately to your line manager in order to get repairs carried out at an early stage.
• Every little helps.

Blackwood Plant Hire Ltd acknowledges the Environmental Act 1991 and its associated legislation. More recently we acknowledge the EC directive (2002/96/EC) on the Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment (WEEE). We will carry out our activities paying particular attention to the effect on the surrounding environment so as not to cause any contamination or danger to others. As a minimum, our Environmental Management System will meet the requirements of EN ISO 14001:2015.

All hazardous substances will be disposed of in the correct manner according to the manufacturer’s details, (COSHH/MSDS documentation).

All site waste shall be disposed of in bins provided by the client or returned to the workshop/retailer for disposal.

Any fluorescent tube or discharge lamps for disposal will be returned to the workshop/retailer and placed in a correct safe container for safe disposal.

In accordance with current guidance from the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) Blackwood Plant Hire Ltd will set its Environmental objectives and targets by the adoption of the following principles:

1. Storage and Handling of materials
We will supervise deliveries of materials to our client sites and check the delivery note to ensure that the goods ordered are those received. Clearly label refillable containers with contents and storage capacity; this will reduce the risk of overfill and spillage will ensure that the contents are easily identified.

2. Noise and odour
We will be aware of any incident reported to the local authority Environmental Health Department will act on any complaints of “statutory nuisance” such as:-
• Poor state of your premises
• Noise and vibration
• Smoke, fumes, gases dust or steam
• Smells/odours
• Effluents
• Keeping of animals
• Accumulation of refuse or other material.

The Local Authority Environment Health department has the power to impose restrictions or to close down business if they find just cause, we expect our clients to take all reasonable steps to prevent or minimise a nuisance or potential nuisance, in the same manner and professionalism as we do. For example, establish whether you might be causing nuisance to neighbours by regularly checking noise, odours and emissions near the boundary of your premises at different times of the day and during different operating conditions.

3. Discharge of water
We will ensure that any waste water, oils and concentrated chemicals that require special attention or treatment are disposed of in the correct manner after taking advice and guidance from suppliers, the local authority or the Environmental Agency. We will do this as our “Duty of Care” and dispose of the material at the correct and authorised sites. We expect our clients to follow our lead in this initiative.

4. Storage and disposal of waste
Whatever the method of disposal of waste and type of waste we at Blackwood Plant Hire Ltd have a “Duty of Care” to ensure the safe and correct disposal or recovery of the waste produced by ourselves or our clients. Our clients have the same duty of care and we expect them to adhere to our policy. We will endeavour to record all waste received or transferred through a system of signed waste transfer notes. Everyone is responsible for this waste whether it is passed onto another party such as:

• Specialist contractor
• Scrap metal contractor
• Recycling contractor
• Local Authority
• Skip hire Company

The “Duty of Care” has no time limit and extends until the waste has either been fairly and properly disposed of or fully recovered.

5. Packaging
We will endeavour as far as possible to use reusable packaging wherever possible. We will work with our suppliers to reduce the quantity of packaging waste that needs to be disposed of and use our buying power to discriminate against over-packaged items.

6. Land contamination
We will work together with any local authority to check any contracted land for contamination. If remedial work is required we will liaise with the relevant authorities to do this in the best way possible to the benefit of the public, our client and the environment. We will do this within an agreed time limit mutually agreed with the relevant authorities.

7. Energy efficiency
We encourage all our staff to be energy/environmentally aware. We expect them to save energy by being proactive in turning lights off, monitoring utility consumption and wherever possible switch off all non-essential appliances, especially overnight. This will include personal computers, heating systems, charging items, printers etc. Employees are expected to monitor unused electrical items and switch off where possible.

8. Water efficiency
Water efficiency is constantly monitored by use of meters, bills and a proactive approach to general use.

9. Legislation.
We will endeavour to keep abreast of new legislation, regulators guidance and local authority communications to achieve all of the above goals to preserve the environment.

Signed: Paul McCormack
Managing Director
Dated: 05 April 2020

Authorised By: R McMillan