Blackwood Plant Hire’s ethical policy serves as a statement of our commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards in our commercial activities and establishes our principles of conduct for relationships with employees, clients, supply chain partners and competitors.


We recognise our staff as our greatest asset and will continue to invest in their development to ensure that all Blackwood Plant Hire employees feel valued and realise their potential to maximum benefit of individuals and the organisation.  Our commitment to maintaining the health, safety and welfare of managers, staff and operatives is total.


Blackwood Plant Hire have cultivated a partnership approach supported by a customer-focused ethos at every level which is inherent in our culture. Our philosophy is to operate at all times in a spirit of mutual trust and co-operation, avoiding damaging disputes and conflict at all costs. Our culture and collaborative approach reflect a commitment to exceed client expectations by providing an excellent service, within budget and to the quality standards expected every time.

Committed to business excellence our management structures, processes and procedures establish a framework for efficient, effective and economic service delivery and best value for our client partners.

We seek to maintain a reasonable commercial return to support continued investment in research and development to maintain our place at the forefront of civil engineering operated plant hire.

We will exploit infrastructure development to maximum social, economic and community benefit.

This will be underpinned by the principles of sustainable development to encourage prudent use of natural resources, secure effective protection of our environment and reduce our ecological footprint.

Our approach to sustainable development will support an economy led social justice agenda in tackling exclusion. We will continue to work closely with our public-sector partners to maximise linkages between projects and employment training.

Supply Chain Partners

We will continue to develop trust-based relationships within established supply chain partnerships.  We are committed to prompt payment and fair treatment of our supply chain partners.


We will compete in the marketplace honestly and with integrity and will avoid any action, statement, implication or misrepresentation which may damage the reputation of others.

Signed: Paul McCormack
Managing Director
Dated: 12 April 2020

Authorised By: R McMillan